Las Vegas, NV – Ayesha Mehdi, has once again been honored on Real Vegas Magazine’s “Women Who Wow” List for her outstanding community service and leadership as a healthcare¬†attorney. This recognition not only acknowledges Ayesha’s contributions but also celebrates the remarkable women of substance who are shaping and uplifting our community in the Greater Las Vegas area.

Real Vegas Magazine, founded by Candice Wiener, holds a special place in the hearts of locals, showcasing the captivating stories of Las Vegas and its inhabitants. The late Louis Wiener Jr., a revered attorney who represented iconic personalities like Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, Howard Hughes, and many more, continues to influence the city’s vibrant history.

In addition to its captivating tales, Real Vegas Magazine remains committed to supporting the local Las Vegas legal community. The Wiener-Rogers law library, the largest and most comprehensive in the state, reflects this dedication. By providing legal professionals with a wealth of knowledge, it enhances the quality of legal services available to the community.